Membership Benefits

Over the years, we have enjoyed a family oriented fellowship and gathering at each members home.The atmospere is just a family fun fun time and we enjoy our owho and banga soup and kept Urhobo-Isokos in Calgary Area connected to one another and our culture. Together we can do more for Urhobo-Isokos at home and abroad With this goal in mind, we humbly invite you to visit with your Urhobo-ISoko brothers and sisters at one of our meetings or events. As an illustrious Urhobo-Isoko, we trust that you will find the time to mingle with your brothers and sisters once a month to share ideas that will lead to the collective development of our people.

UIACA supports its members in times of joy and sorrow, just like a family. For instance, the organization will contribute the following:

  • Isusu and Thrift contribution $500:00 monthly. Open to due paying members only.
  • Death of a loved one $50 check to member.
  • Birth of a child $50 check to member
  • Graduation of a member's child.
  • Graduation from elementary school - A gift certificate to child
  • Graduation from middle school - $10 gift certificate to child
  • Graduation from high school -$20 cash to child
  • Graduation from college $100 or a plaque, value not to exceed $100, to child. Members are encouraged to sponsor the gift certificates. This is for due paying members only.

  • The organization includes members from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. If you need professional advice or information, we likely have a member that may be able to assist you or will be able to point you in right direction.

    How to become a member?

    New Members

    Come to our meetings and enjoy a family gatherings and please pay your dues. Become a member.

    Attend an event as a prospective member

    The Association encourages prospective members to attend a meeting or event, as an observer, without participation in discussions. If after attending one meeting, you have questions or concerns, please contact the President.


    The Association gladly welcome all Nigerians and others to attend our meetings and association gatherings.

    Returning Members

    We don't like our members going away.

    Membership dues

    Membership dues is paid annually. The membership dues for a family for a year is $120. We also accept donations too help fund our programs.

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